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South African Small Hive Beetle

South African Small Hive Beetle

Over the past several years I have seen South African Small Hive Beetle destroy native bee hives around South East QLD and northern NSW
Please visit Aussie Bee web site for a comprehensive report on these pests.

They pose a real threat to native bee hives, even healthy full hives.

I have found that by placing a metal mesh guard across the entrance and any other air or drip holes and
ensuring all timber joints are well tapped helps protect the hive from this menace.

This season I was asked to split a persons hives in Brisbane.
One hive was completely destroyed and full of hive beetle maggots.
The owner was most distressed by the sight and loss of her much loved hive.

Fortunately I was able to provide metal mesh guards to cover all holes on her other hives.

The hive beetle look like little lady beetles but are brown all over.

Take care and protect all your hive entrances and holes.

Be so careful when splitting hives, ensure this done carefully and quickly and ensure air tight seals; hive beetles will be attracted to split hives straight away if they are around.

Beegood Beesafe Beesound

Regards Matthew

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  1. I would love to hear from other native bee hive owners about their experience with this beetle, I read on the Aussie Bee website how an infested hive was saved by picking out the larvae each day etc. Very early this morn I found 2 larvae at my hive entrance today and a lot of bees outside the hive (not being active) which I have not seen before – I am waiting for advice from person who sold me my hive before I try and open my hive to see what is going on and if it is too late to try and save. Any success stories or rescue tips?

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