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Australian native stingless beeswax is the wax the bees make for their hive building purposes. Indigenous Australians collect it from nests and use it for all kinds of traditional tool production including didgeridoo mouthpieces.

The wax is susceptible to heat. Place in warm water to soften the wax and make it easier to manipulate. The wax needs protection from heat after placement on to the didgeridoo. I use gladwrap and keep my didgeridoos out of the sun and heat. The wax will harden with age.

Our wax is harvested sustainably from our native bees kept in wooden hives. The colony is not harmed.

Sugarbag wax is not pure wax but a mixture of wax and propolis. Technically it’s called cerumen. The wax is from glands on the bee’s body and is a yellow soft material. Propolis is produced by plants and is dark sticky stuff that hardens with age. The bees collect propolis from plants, take it back to the nest, mix it with wax and use it to make their nest.

  • Block of wax – strained – high quality (25 g, enough for at least one didgeridoo mouthpiece, or up to four) $10 (plus postage and handling: $7 for Australian orders).
  • Bulk purchase (when available): $285 per kilogram (plus postage and handling: $15 for Australian orders).
  • Propolis for sale when available