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Our Products

  • Hives for hire for back yard gardens, orchards and crops
  • Established boxed or log hives of Australian Native Stingless Bees
  • New empty hive boxes and parts for sale including dividers, double roofs, aluminium hive stands, crim-safe hive entrance protectors
  • Carved artistic logs are made to order with the artwork you desire – functional art for your garden
  • Logs with honey supers available also, carved or natural
  • Wax and propolis for sale

Australian Native Stingless Bees

We provide well established boxed hives with honey supers. The boxes are made of quality cypress wood 40mm thick, which ensures good insulation whether it is hot or cold. A double roof is attached for extra insulation.

We use the natural hive duplication (eduction) method of propagating Australian native stingless bees that is very gentle and can be done without damaging the original nest.

You can buy a box or log hive of (depending on region and availability):

  • Tetragonula carbonaria
  • Tetragonula hockingsii
  • Tetragonula mellipes
  • Austroplebeia Australis
  • Austroplebeia essingtoni

Empty hives for sale

The boxes are made of quality cypress wood 40mm thick.

“These thick cypress wood beehives are top-notch. BeeZotted is my no.1 beehive supplier for my upcoming hive eductions.”

— Simona, Native Bee Skincare

We also supply hives in logs, as nature provided them, and in carved logs with honey supers to Matthew’s  design (such as the pictures below), or to your own design.

Hive stands

Quality Australian made aluminium hive box frames – $50

  • Last forever
  • Look good
  • Fit on top of star pickets