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Access Bee care for a practical ‘how to’ care for your Australian native stingless bee hive.

Hive rescue

Perhaps you have found hives on land being cleared, or you have a hive in the wrong place (like next to the front door or in your water meter).  If you have a hive that needs rescuing or moving, we can transfer it into a box for you or take it away – whatever you prefer.

An intact hive is transferred from log to box
An intact hive is transferred from log to box
Duplicating hives

Teaching the eduction method of hive duplication
If you have an existing box or log we can show you how to educt a new one from it (instead of splitting the hive and stressing the bees.

Educational programs and presentations on native bees

Including story telling and ‘honey’ tasting. See the workshops page for more information.

Pre- and post-sales advice
Hive maintenance

All log and box hives need a service every year or so to keep them in good condition. This might include a spruce up of the paint or oil. We can do this for you or give advice on how to do it yourself.

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For more information about all of the above please contact Matthew.