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Boomi Primary School (NSW) children aged 5-12 share some of their highlights of Beezotted’s 2021 visit:  

Ally: The bee man was very cool. He made learning about bees fun. He brought a bee hive to our school so we now have one in the school grounds. The bee man told us a story and played the didgeridoo. 

Maddie: On Friday we had the bee man visit our school. We learned so much! He let us try a little bit of honey from the stingless bees that we now own at school. When the queen bee lays her eggs she gets to choose the gender! The bee man could also play the didgeridoo. He told us a story about a boy and a princess bee who taught him a lesson.

Billy: The bee man (whose name was Matthew) said that most stingless bee queens lay girl eggs until she sends the princess out to start a new hive.

Will: Last week on Friday, Beezotted visited our school. He taught us about the native stingless bees and how they have been around since the dinosaurs. There are 11 types of native stingless bees. The man gave us a log full of bees so we can slowly add to the hive.

Georgie: When the bee man came to visit he gave us a bee hive. It was in the shape of a log. Fun Fact – If you try to touch the eggs of the Queen bee, one bee will come and bite your eyelid, then 10, then 100 and so on.

Kayla: Last week we had a bee man visit the school. All the students thought he was funny. Everyone got to try a spoonful of stingless bee honey that he had taught us about.

Teachers: The Beezotted experience was educational, amusing and kept the students entertained for the whole workshop. The students and staff learned lots facts about native stingless bees, through different forms of presentation by Matt. We also now have our own stingless bee hive for the students to view. We would highly recommend the Beezotted experience to any school.  

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