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Access Bee care for a practical ‘how to’ care for your Australian native stingless bee hive (it’s only two pages).

Hive maintenance

All log and box hives need a little service from time to time to keep them in good condition.

Hive rescue

Perhaps you have found hives on land being cleared, or you have a hive in the wrong place (like next to the front door or in your water meter).  If you have a hive that needs rescue or moving, we can move it into a box for you or take it away – whatever you prefer.

An intact hive is transferred from log to box
Transferring a damaged hive from log into box

Duplicating hives

Teaching the eduction method of hive duplication
If you have an existing box or log we can show you how to educt a new one from it (instead of splitting the hive and stressing the bees.

Educational programs and presentations on native bees

Including story telling and ‘honey’ tasting. More information her.

Pre- and post-sales advice

For more information about all of the above please contact Matthew.

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