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Welcome to BeeZotted, where we share our love of Australian native bees.

This website contains information on the services we provide to help you purchase or care for your own hive/s. There is also a blog where we recount our bee adventures as they come to us, and give tips for bee care as the seasons change.

Almost every day we get calls or emails from people all over Australia asking about native bees. Everyone has noticed that there just aren’t as many European bees around as there used to be; in some places they have become very rare. This is now a worldwide concern, so much so that the humble honey bee made the cover of Time magazine.

IMG_0424As scientists race to work out ways to strengthen European bee populations, we have come to appreciate the humble Australian native bee more. Less susceptible to the voracious hive beetle, it is busy pollinating vegie gardens and crops around the country, and in some cases helping to fill the gaps left by the disappearing European bee. Most of our clients are keen to learn more about native Australian bees so that they can keep their gardens and crops happy, whether it be their back garden, school garden, community garden or macadamia crop.

Links for more info:

One of the best places we  have found for information is the Aussie Bee website – homepage of the Australian Native Bee Research Centre. Another excellent site is that of entomologist and pioneer native bee keeper Tim Heard.

Life is the flower for which love is the honey.
~ Victor Hugo