Primary schoolers love their bees

I first met Matthew about 10 years ago when a neighbour asked if I would be interested in having native bee hives in my garden at home. Ever since, the bee hives have been a great point of interest in the garden and topic of conversation.  Apart from the impact of the bees on pollination in the garden, the other great advantage of having one of Matthew’s bee hives is that a couple of times a year, Matthew arrives to tend to the hives.

When I asked Matthew if he would locate one of his hives in the school vegetable garden, he agreed immediately.  He was keen to introduce the world of native bees to the children and reinforce concepts of sustainability and environmental balance.  Matthew brought this calm, conversational approach to school and immediately engaged the children.  The children were entranced by everything, including story telling accompanied by didgeridoo playing.

Matthew returned later in the year to split the hive.  The children were delighted, especially when they tasted the sweet honey.

The native bee hive is now a fixture in the school vegetable garden and a point of great interest and learning to children and parents alike.

Peter Cooper, Principal , The Gap State School

Primary schoolers love their bees
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