Beezotted Preschoolers

Bingara Preschool got to know Matthew Middleton from Beezotted when seeking to purchase an Australian Native Beehive. His love and interest in the wellbeing of these ancient stingless creatures was obvious from the start. Matthew has kept in touch since the bees arrived in 2015, offering valuable support and advice in the care of the bees. The children at the preschool have constantly observed the comings and goings of the bees throughout all seasons now and have learnt the importance of these amazing environmental warriors.

Matthew visited recently entertaining children with his vivid storytelling and didgeridoo playing that enhanced the knowledge and love of the bees.  Matthew demonstrated robbing the hive of honey (sugarbag) where each child was offered samples of the sweet gold.

You have provided a great hands on, real life experience. Thanks Matthew.

Janeanne, Bingara Preschool, NSW

Beezotted Preschoolers
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